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Post  Fear on Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:43 pm

[v73] New NX Newnx73.th

Here are the names of the items from left to right.
Face Accessories
- Censor
- Hitman Sunglasses
- Eye Mask (Red)
- No name, probably Eye Mask (Pink)
- Eye Mask (Green)

- Gray Mask
- Pancake Hat
- Cute Mouse Ears
- Marbum Headgear

- Dogtail

- Night Fever Ensemble
- Blade Overall
- Lolli Pink Suit

- Shooting Star Jeans

- Air Bling Bling's

- Male Face 16 (White Eyes)
- Male Face 19 (White Eyes)
- Female Face 17 (Amethyst Eyes)
- Female Face 19 (White Eyes)

- Return of Angel Wing
Who knows? Perhaps you'll flutter away with these wings on your back!
- Enchanted Scroll
A scroll that has the magic power to release the seal on the Miwok Artifact. The scroll is written in ancient tribal language, so you need NPC Toh Reliseeker's help if you wish to use it.
- Vicious' Hammer
Temper the equipped item with Vicious' Hammer to increase available upgrade by 1. It can be used maximum 2 times per item.


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Post  KayleighCakes! on Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:22 am

Op! That last face is the face i wanted for my brawler (:!

I love how none of the stuff i wanted from Banned is coming out... soonishly. The new kitty ears and tail are really cute. I'd wayyy rather have them than the stupid eye masks... And they only put out 3 of the colored headbands when there's like, 7.

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Why do you torture me, nexon.

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